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INSTANT loops is a performative database, made by techno focused live electronic music duo INSTANT.


Every LOOP is an outtake from past show live recordings - you'll find sounds that in the time between 2015 and now have rumbled PAs from Berlin to Moscow and beyond. Every single appearance of INSTANT is a completely improvised live performance using a modular synthesizer and software based drum machine, therefore all LOOPS are genuinely unique.

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Every LOOP can be downloaded once and is gone from the database afterwards.

LOOPS are solely provided for purposes of audio production and performance and are intended to create your own audio material.

Non-exclusive license related to all copyrights and related rights is included.

You can reproduce and adapt as well as to distribute and perform works that include the LOOPS.

You do not get a license to sell the LOOPS as they are and to create, perform and/or distribute works solely based on the LOOPS.

INSTANT retains the moral rights on the LOOPS (make sure not to use LOOPS in a criminal or immoral context).

If you encounter any problems, please e-mail feedback@instant.wtf.


Make no mistake - INSTANT is not your typical techno duo.

booking contact: booking@zerodb.de

general inquiries: contact@instant.wtf

Johannes Steyer and Matthias Millhoff are live performers, fusing hardware and software into a bass-driven, eclectic sound that is 100% unique for every show. If that sounds organic, ambiguous, and – most importantly – addictingly danceable, that’s because it is. 

This Berlin-based pair have been breaking down electronic conventions since 2014, improvising on stage with a modular system and Ableton-based drum sampler to make music that is both wildly abstract and emotionally accessible at the same time.

It doesn’t end there. INSTANT are also the guys behind the RMBA-20 Sequencer also known as the largest sequencer in the world. And with a massive library of live-recorded analog samples at their fingertips, they’ve now gifted the internet by gamifying their own music, allowing anyone anywhere to download free exclusive loops on www.instant.wtf.

Do you wonder what happens when you add one LOOP to another LOOP?